LNL 2210

The LNL-2210 Intelligent Single Door Controller (ISDC) is an edge device by Lenel that provides a solution for interfacing one or two readers to a single door within an OnGuard® system. Offering innovation at an economical price point, the LNL-2210 is a high-performance, Ethernetready card reader panel that controls a single opening with 802.3af compliant Power over Ethernet (PoE). Built on a proven platform, the LNL-2210 seamlessly interfaces to a larger system for flexible, reliable expansion. Easy installation with PoE makes this the logical choice for single door control. Once configured, the LNL-2210 functions independently of the host and is capable of sophisticated processes while controlling access for a single opening. Without host intervention, the LNL-2210 can relate selected system devices and their activity to other onboard devices, consistently allowing those activities and actions to transpire independently. The LNL-2210 is capable of interfacing with a wide array of reader technologies for single opening control. Reader ports support separate in/out readers and technologies that include Wiegand, clock and data, RS-485, magnetic stripe, keypads, LCD and biometrics – resulting in the flexibility, versatility and reliability needed for success. An alternative configuration is available with OnGuard version 6.6 and higher for the LNL-2210. The first physical reader port can be configured to support RS-485 communication bus to LNL Door Interfaces (LNL1300/LNL-1320) or IO devices (LNL-1100/LNL-1200). Up to eight RS-485 addressed devices can be supported on this communication bus. These additional devices must have local power supply, since the POE cannot support them. In this configuration, the second physical reader port on the LNL-2210 is still available for standard single reader interface.

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